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Safety Tips For Operating A Vacuum Truck


Vacuum Truck Safety


Vacuum truck operators should always put safety first keep in mind several things when operating a vac truck or a hydro excavator. First of all, take in mind the diameter of the vacuum truck hose and the importace of changing from one size to another. The wrong size of the hose will make your truck perform slower and less efficient. Some other vacuum truck operation safety measures one should take are:

+ Remember to never change the hose diameters in the middle of the job, this can be very dangerous.

+ Make sure the bore hoses are smooth for better performance

+ Make sure the friction is not lost

+ Don’t ever enter the tank (a confined space) while the chemicals are still inside

+ Make sure to always ground the truck

+ Use an inline T device to prevent injuries

+ Include a manual or a remote release for the hose

+ Don’t mix dry and wet material

+ Have utmost knowledge of your truck

+ Be careful!