Posted November 12, 2012 by admin in Vacuum Truck Blog

Body Parts Found In Sterling Heights Sewer


A crew repairing a sanitary sewer in Sterling Heights have discovered what appear to be human body parts.

The suspected remains, 12 pieces, became caught on a metal grate, which workers were using for their repair operations 50 feet below the surface.

Sterling Height police have no immediate information on missing persons. Traffic is being diverted off 15 Mile Road at Maple Lane.

Macomb County Public Works Commissioners Anthony Marrocco says some of the remains have tattoos.

A crane is being used to lower recovery crews into the sewer.

The crews have been working in the area since mid-June.

The sewer begins in the Clarkston area and feeds south into Detroit.

Hundreds of manhole covers are on streets along the way.

Crews are going deeper into the sewer in either direction for more evidence.