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2012 Vactor HXX PD

2012 Vactor Truck
2012 Vactor Truck

Vactor HXX PD For Sale

Water Tanks   
1200 Gallon capacity – poly water tank
Water tank separate from debris tank
Includes anti-siphon device & anti-splash valve w/25′ water fill hose and connectors


Water System/Pipe Package   
Includes 1 – Digging wand, 1 – dual nozzle assembly, 1 – triple nozzle assenbly, quick couplers and shut-off valve, 3 – Extension pipe assemblies totaling 20 Ft.

Water Heater   
Water heater will be rated at 940,000 B.T.U.
12 Volt heater will have no flow/burner shutdown, electronic temperature control, heater inlet pressure gauge, LED temperature display