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2012 Presvac Powevac 3200

2012 Presvac Powervac 3200
2012 Presvac Powervac 3200

2012 Presvac Powevac 3200

Some features include:

Pressure relief vent:
Girard 4” stainless steel 316, 35 p.s.i. (407 / 412)
Primary shut off:
10” quick opening hatch with 9” stainless steel floatball seating against a neoprene seat, ball and seat inspection and service is external
Isolation valve:
4” Air operated butterfly valve between primary shut off and secondary shut off
Secondary shut off:
Heavy duty external moisture trap with 5” stainless steel floatball, seating against a neoprene seat, 2” quick action drain valve and hose, moisture trap capacity 28 gallons
Vacuum lines:
Continuously grounded, wire reinforced, neoprene vacuum / pressure hose, looped to rear, no disconnecting required when dumping
Vacuum pressure gauge:
One (1) glycerine filled, anti shock


Head material:
5/16” Carbon Steel
Shell material:
¼” Carbon Steel
Tank diameter:
72” OD
Overall tank length: