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2012 Guzzler Guzzavator

Guzzler Guzzavator
Guzzler Guzzavator

2012 Guzzler Guzzavator Features include:


Aluminum Hydraulic Oil Tank w/Sight Gauge
Weather Tight Control Panel Box
Baghouse/Cyclone Dumptube w/Full Opening Doors
Baghouse/Cyclone Chamber Side Access Cleanout Doors
Color Coded Function Stamped Wiring Harness
Color Coded Air Lines w/Push Lock Fittings
Fire Extinguisher and Safety Triangles in Cab
PTO Driven Constant Pressure Hyd. Pump
Transfer Case Shift Protection System
Rear Door Safety Pin
Debris Tank Safety Prop
Direct drive Omsi transfer case with air shift
60 Bag filtration w/air cannon
Single mode filtration
14″ SS liquid level float ball shutoff
Hyd. rear door (2) wedge locks
Hydraulic rear door locks