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2011 Vactor 2112 PD

2011 vactor 2112 PD
2011 vactor 2112 PD

Variable Pressure, Hydraulically Driven, Double Acting, Single Piston
80 Gpm / 2000 Psi Water System, rated at the nozzle end of the hose.
Cold Weather Recirculation System
Accumulator System For Water System
3″ Y-Strainer @ Water Pump
3″ Drain Valve @ Water Pump
Multi-Flow System With Nozzle Storage Rack
Catch Basin Cleaning Water System: 20 Gpm At 600 Psi
Front And Rear Handgun Couplers

Handgun With 1/2″ X 35′ Hose, Mid-ship Connection
Telescoping Rotating Hose Reel
Hydraulic Shut-Off Valves At Suction, Return And Filter Line (3)
Nozzle Storage Rack For Multi-Flow System
Rodder Pump Drain Valves (2)