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2011 Vactor 2110 Plus Fan

2011 vactor 2100 plus fan
2011 vactor 2100 plus fan

Debris Tank   
10 Cubic Yard Debris Tank
Cylindrical, 1/4″ Exten Steel Debris Body
Double Acting Hydraulic Dump Hoist Cylinder
Full Opening Rear Door
48″ Dump Height Capability
Debris Body Equipment: 
Flat Rear Door With Hydraulic Locks And Open/Close
Debris Body Flush Out System – 80 GPM
Dual Stainless Steel Ball Float Shut-Off
Body Drain Pipe:  6″ With 10′ Drain Hose
Plumbing Only For Trash Pump Plumbed To Front Bumper – 2.5″
Folding Pipe Rack with twist-lock releases for (3) pipes- Curbside
Folding Pipe Rack with twist-lock releases for (3) pipes- Street Side
Splash Shield – Rear Door
Lube Manifold
Debris Body Vacuum Relief System, Located In Inlet Of Vacuum System
Debris Inlet Deflector Plate In Debris Body
Water Tanks & Equipment:   
Hydraulic Oil High Temperature Light/Alarm
Continuous Fill System At Water Tank Inlet
2-1/2″ NST Female Fire Thread Connection on Fill Hose
3″ Y-Strainer At Water Tank Fill
3″ Y-Strainer @ Water Pump
3″ Drain Valve @ Water Pump
1000 Gallon Water Capacity
Aluminum Water Tanks – 10 Gauge with maximum 150 gallon baffled compartments
Liquid Float Level Indicator
Vacuum System Equipment:   
Two Stage 38″ Aluminum Centrifugal Fan Compressor
John Deere 6068-TF 6-Cylinder 185 Hp Diesel Engine
Gear-Type Step-Up Transmission:  1.9:1 Ratio
Fluid Coupler Drive System
(2) Dual Vertical Centrifugal Separators (Cyclone)

Tachometer and Hour Meter – Chassis Engine
Tachometer and Hour Meter – Blower
Tachometer and Hour Meter – Auxiliary engine
All Hydraulic Functions – Color Coded, Sealed Electric/Hydraulic Nema 4 switches
Vansco – Electronic Package with Diagnostic Control Panel
Auxiliary Engine/Vacuum Relief – Sealed Electric/Air Nema 4 Switches