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2010 Vactor HXX PD


Hydro Vac For Sale
Hibon 8702 Tri-Lobe ( 28″ HG ) 5150 CFM @ Max. Speed 2000 RPM
Ultra Quiet Inlet and Outlet Silencers Acoustically Matched to Blower
Direct Drive Omsi Transfer Case
Dual Cyclonic Separators with 12″ clean out door
Microstrainer Final Filter with 3″ Camlock drain

Water heater will be rated at 400,000 B.T.U.
12 Volt heater will have no flow/burner shutdown, electronic temperature control, heater inlet pressure gauge, LED temperature display

Hydraulic System   
Hydraulic reservoir capacity of 50 gallons w/strainers on all suction lines.
Oil level sight gauge
10 micron spin on type filter