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2010 Vactor 2112 PD

2010 Vactor Truck
2010 Vactor Truck

Flat Rear Door With Hydraulic Locks And Open/Close
6″ Butterfly Valve/Rear Door Located 3:00 position with Fixed Perforated Basket Screen
Folding Pipe Rack with twist-lock releases for (3) pipes- Curbside
Folding Pipe Rack with twist-lock releases for (3) pipes- Street Side
(2) Horizontal Pipe Storage Racks at Sub-Frame level with twist-lock releases – Curbside; (2) Rear Door
Stainless Steel Micro-Strainer  – Horizontal
Splash Shield – Bolted to Body Flang, Rear Door
Lube Manifold
Debris Inlet Deflector Plate In Debris Body
Water System Equipment:   
0-80 Gpm / 2500 Psi Water System, (Actual metered delivery to hose reel)
Accumulator System For Water System
Water Relief Valve – 1″
Hydro-Excavation Package / Spring Retractable Reel / HXX Handgun
590,000BTU Burner

Front Station And Controls:   
Tachometer and Hour Meter – Blower

Electrical System and Lights:   
Split Arrow Traffic Controller-Two Piece 10 Lights – Rear Only