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2007 Vactor HXX Prodigy PD


New and Used 2007 Vactor HXX Prodigy PD

Roots 624 ( 16″ HG ) 3200CFM @ Max. Speed 3000 RPM
Direct Drive Omsi Transfer Case
Single Cyclonic Separator with 13″ clean out door
Cartridge type dual element final filter
Vacuum relief located at the inlet to the final filter to allow operator to vent to atmosphere.  Pendant control operated.
Remote push button pendant control w/75′ cable with a vacuum relief, water on/off and throttle control
Control Panel (Located Passengers Side)
Located inside an aluminum box for protection
The control panel will include: e-stop, blower tachometer w/hourmeter, blower temperature gauge, vacuum gauge, vacuum relief switch, hydraulic oil temperature gauge, throttle control, water pump on/off, multiflow control switch, electric low water indicator, boom controls, body dump and door open/close functions, and circuit breakers