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2007 Supersucker Industrial Vacuum Loader 6227


2007 Supersucker Industrial Vacuum Loader Truck For Sale


Vacuum Source
Positive Displacement Roots DVJ1125 Vacuum Pump.
Cotta Heavy Duty Transfer Case with Manual Shifting.
30 Gallon Hydraulic Tank with Sight and Temperature Gauge.

Debris Body
18 cu. yd. Clean Bore Collector Body with Tailgate Made of 1/4” Thick Steel with Reinforcements.
14” Stainless Steel Float Ball Shut-off.
6” Threaded Drain Coupling with Plug on Tailgate.
Hydraulically Raised and Lowered Tailgate with Hydraulic Latch System.
Three (3) Hinge Rear Tailgate Door.
Double Acting Telescopic Dump Cylinder – 51° Dump Angle.
Rotary Float Gauge (Liquid Level Indicator)
Manual Vacuum Relief Valve
Pendent controlled vacuum relief valve
Tailgate platform with ladder.
6” Drain Valve Mounted On Rear Door