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1997 Remanufactured Vactor 2115 Fan

1997 Remanufactured Vactor 2115 Fan
1997 Remanufactured Vactor 2115 Fan

1997 VACTOR Model 2115 Truck

This is a combination sewer vacuum & high pressure jet rodder. With the following features:

15 Cubic Yard Hopper
Cylindrical, Exten Steel Debris Body
Double Acting Hydraulic Dump Hoist
Full Opening Rear Door

Body Accessories
Domed Rear Door With Hydraulic Rear Door Locks
Debris Body Flush Out System – 80-100 GPM
Body Drain Pipe:  6″ With 10′ Drain Hose
Centrifugal Separator (Cyclone)
Folding Pipe Rack – Curbside
Folding Pipe Rack – Street Side
Splash Shield – Rear Door

Water Tank Accessories
1500 Gallon Water Capacity
Aluminum Water Tanks

Vacuum System Accessories 
Two Stage 38″ Aluminum Centrifugal Fan Compressor
Cummins 6-Cylinder
Gear-Type Step-Up Transmission:  1.6 To 1 Ratio

Boom Accessories
Electronic-Over-Hydraulic, 4-Way Power Boom
8 Ft. Hydraulic Telescopic Boom With 180 Degree Rotation
Remote Push Button Pendant Control

High Pressure Water Pump
Variable Pressure, Hydraulically Driven, Double Acting, Single Piston
80 Gpm / 2500 Psi Water System
12 Gpm Cold Weather Recirculation System
Accumulator System For Water System
3″ Y-Strainer At Water Pump With 3″ Drain Valve
Multi-Flow System With Nozzle Storage Rack
Catch Basin Cleaning Water System: 20 Gpm At 600 Psi
Mid-Ship Handgun Coupler
Front And Rear Handgun Couplers